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Presentations for

Counselors & Educators

Presentations for
Counselors & Educators

What to Expect...

Emotional Connections

At a time when rates of youth anxiety, despair, and suicidality are at an all time high, counselors and educators are yearning for strategies that offer them the necessary tools to support youth who are emotionally struggling. Using a gentle and compassionate, yet expert voice, Dr. Chinwé adeptly integrates interventions from today’s most effective treatments (e.g. CBT, EMDR, Somatic Interventions) to equip counselors and educators with the tools to effectively connect with individuals who are emotionally struggling.

Research Based

In addition to supporting kids and teens, Dr. Chinwé is an EMDR certified trauma specialist who has been counseling adults for nearly 20 years. She provides training that offers even the most seasoned mental health professional, innovative tools and strategies based on neuroscience and polyvagal theory to support the nervous systems of both professionals, as well as those who have experienced chronic anxiety or trauma related symptoms.

Real World Examples

Dr. Chinwé presents relevant case examples and teaches her audience how to apply different techniques to the appropriate therapeutic scenario. Participants will learn simple yet effective strategies that can be used with individuals experiencing anxiety, despair, and/or trauma.

Most Requested Topics

Effective and Ethical Strategies for Treating Trauma

Distress Tolerance: Skills To Manage Anxiety and, Anger

Integrating Faith, Spirituality and Mental Health in the Care of Others

Effective Strategies for Stress and Anxiety Management

Addressing Race-based Trauma through Somatic Therapy

Recognizing Signs of Burnout and What to Do About it

Virtual or In-Person

Types of Events

Whether it’s a virtual or an in-person event, topics can be customized for large group audiences or small group retreats. Keynote messages are 45min but are also available as a 90min or 3-hour “deep dive” workshop. Each topic can be tailored for students, parents, corporations, educators, ministry leaders, and mental health professionals. Presentation fees vary depending on type of presentation, size of audience and event location. Connect with us to learn more!

Keynote Presentations

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