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Leverage The Power of Connection

to cultivate influence in life and in business.

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Meet Dr. Chinwé

Trauma therapist, Best-selling Author, and Speaker, Dr. Chinwé is an expert at simplifying the complexities of our human experience. She is a sought-after speaker trusted by corporate and ministry leaders, educators, and parents to deliver messages that inspire individuals and teams to better connect with the individuals they lead and support. From managing anxiety, despair, and burnout, to highlighting the benefits of equity and empathy-centered leadership, Dr. Chinwé helps individuals, teams, and organizations accomplish their goals through the power of connection.

An avid researcher and life-long student of wellness, Dr. Chinwé presents scientifically-sound information with the utmost professional care. She has spoken or facilitated workshops at several national and international gatherings and conferences. Dr. Chinwé is frequently invited to be an expert guest on blogs, podcasts and other media programs.

Dr. Chinwé offers tailored keynotes and workshops on different levels for different occasions. She offers real-life case examples that help audiences cultivate a greater depth of understanding and spark insight. Her messages are rooted in evidence and solution-based practices, but she always applies her own experience from the field (which brings boring research to life!). She blends research and inspiring stories with VERY practical tools that are immediately actionable!

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My Services

Keynotes & Workshops

Dr. Chinwé offers keynotes and workshop presentations centered around research and her clinical work on the power of connection, belonging, psychological safety, and anxiety and trauma reduction strategies.

Keynote Speaker

Inspiring keynotes that leave audiences feeling more empowered, connected, and hopeful.

Best Selling Author

Dr. Chinwé is the co-author of Seen, which offers key insights on the psychology of what’s going on in the brain of anyone experiencing despair or anxiety and practical things you can do to help.

Workshop Facilitator

Workshops that offer attendees specific, actionable steps they can use to improve their lives and the lives of those they lead.

Certified Mental Health Therapist

Dr. Chinwé is an expert in helping you to resolve old, unhealthy patterns of thinking and behaving that get in the way reaching your full potential. Her clients report feeling more empowered to make mindful and intentional decisions about the direction of their life.

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Dr. Chinwé's Expertise

Anxiety and Stress Management
Burnout Recovery
Integration of Faith and Mental Health
Intersection of Diversity, Equity, and Mental Health
Trauma Resolution Strategies
Youth and Young Adult Mental Health
Women’s Wellness
Work-Life Integration

Leverage The Power of Connection to cultivate influence in life and in business.