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Leadership through Relationships

Being a leader is an ENORMOUS responsibility. More than ever before, business leaders are seeking ways to keep their employees motivated, engaged, and connected, particularly in the midst of change and transition. Did you know that employees who have meaningful relationships with co-workers are more engaged, productive, and much more committed to their organization? Yep. And, they report greater overall happiness. Retention and productivity are directly correlated to a sense of psychological safety, belonging, and wellness.

Psychological Safety

Over the span of Dr. Chinwé’s career as a psychotherapist, business owner, and executive coach, she has supported many businesses, corporations, and teams in creating a culture of psychological safety and the kind of organizational atmosphere that inspires team members to not only stay but to thrive in their roles.

Actionable Steps

While it is natural to feel stressed and overwhelmed in these challenging times, Dr. Chinwé shares actionable steps which can help your team improve their mindset, reduce burnout, boost productivity, and elevate performance.

Most Requested Topics

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Whether it’s a virtual or an in-person event, topics can be customized for large group audiences or small group retreats. Keynote messages are 45min but are also available as a 90min or 3-hour “deep dive” workshop. Each topic can be tailored for students, parents, corporations, educators, ministry leaders, and mental health professionals. Presentation fees vary depending on type of presentation, size of audience and event location. Connect with us to learn more!

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